Morgan State University students observe National Coming Out Day

The Gender Studies collective celebrates the 30th anniversary of National Coming Out Day.

Firdausa Stover, Managing Editor

The Gender Studies collective at Morgan State University recognized National Coming Out Day as they silently stood in solidarity with those that are unable to publicly announce their orientation on Oct.11.

While the student group honored the 30-year anniversary, they also discussed the purpose of the day and what it means to the LGBT community on campus.

“This [is a] day of awareness for people and members of the community and how important and difficult coming out can be for them. Also, a day of celebration for people who want to come out,” said Chloe Colbert, president of the Gender Studies Collective.

The organizations secretary, Adrian Garcia, discussed the importance of today’s celebration.

Coming out day is a day to live in your truth.

— Adrian Garcia

“We thought this was very important because it’s something that hasn’t been done before,” said Garcia. “Coming out day is a day to live in your truth,” he added.

Colbert explained that their goal was to bring the celebration to campus so members of the LGBT community on campus felt like there was a space for them.

Layla Huff, a sophomore history major, explained that she appreciated the opportunity to fellowship with other students of color openly.

“I love the fact that we have this space to be with each other, share our lived experiences, be with people who understand what we’re going through and what we’re coming from,” said Huff.

According to Colbert, the organization has actively sought to establish a relationship with the LGBT advisory council at Morgan to further provide support for the LGBT population on campus.

“The gender studies collective is a safe space for everyone,” said Colbert.