The Class of 2021 gets students ready for midterm elections

Olafimihan Oshin, Staff Writer

Last night, the class of 2021 held the Active Voters event to encourage their class to vote in this November’s midterm class.

The sophomore class were joined by city native, Eaan Logan of Baltimore Votes, a small organization dedicated to encouraging fellow citizens of the city a chance to register for voting.

Logan co-founded the movement in January and has held events educating fellow Baltimoreans about voting in the past months.

“The goal that Baltimore Votes has is that we see true democracy being total participation” says Logan.

“I really want to focus on Baltimore. I’m plugged in to national networks so ready to continue those resources to shape what Baltimore youth could do.” said Logan.

Logan stated that one of their goals is to get 80% of universal voting rate in the city.

“We’re really interested in not just registering people to vote, but it’s really about voting education and creating confident voters so that when people go to the pools they feel confident who they’re making the decision for” said Logan.

For example, last year Baltimore Votes held a ‘Voter Registration Week’ where community members hold events with entertainment and food to encourage the young and old to vote with a positive note. Logan and Baltimore Votes are also planning some events next month leading up to the city’ selection on November 6th. During the presentation Logan mentioned that there are low voting numbers within the age groups of 18-21.

“I really think it’s because there is no civil engagement in high school,” says Logan, “They don’t really prepare youth to be prepared to vote when they come out of high

school a lot of stuff happens when they start college and even still you might miss out on college, plus not a lot of young people are thinking about it.”

When asked about seeing a bigger turnout in this November’s election Logan replied back, “I feel there will be an increase, a bigger turnout is kind of subjective to me but there is already a increase in primary turnout and I’m sure there will be a increase in gubernatorial and especially with this being a black city with a black candidate on the ballot will encourage a lot of people to turnout.”

“I believe the biggest reason why it is important is number one these decisions are not affecting us in the future, not affecting us when we’re older, they’re affecting us right now” says Danielle Fernandez, sophomore class president, “I believe it’s our civic duty to honestly go out and vote, make sure that we are understanding what the officers are doing in their positions and make sure we recognize truly how important and how impactful we can be as a generation.”

Eaan Logan and his local movement has made an impact to students at Morgan.