President Wilson reminds students of the magic in education

Grace Moon, Staff Writer

Morgan State University held its annual Matriculation Convocation of the school year Thursday, September 6 at the Murphy Fine Arts Center. 

This year’s convocation was no different President David Wilson was the keynote speaker for the event. He began with greetings from Chairman Kweisi Mfume, who gave students three key components that they should not lose sight of as they begin this new school year.  

“Never lose sight of how you got here,” to not “let anything stop you from succeeding,” and finally, to “take this all in,” said Mfume.  

Preceding the main address by President Wilson, the MSU choir sang an acapella arrangement of the song I know I’ve Been Changed.  

President Wilson began his address by welcoming the largest freshmen class, transfer and graduate students in Morgan’s history up 13% from last year at a resounding 1,371 students.  

The address, titled, “The Morgan Way: The Magic that is in Education, and the Magic that is in you” highlighted what Wilson found necessary to find the “magic” in education, as well as within oneself. 

He stated that to discover the magic in education, the value of education and learning must be present, as well as respecting and embracing self. To uncover the magic in you, one must be different. These are the things that make us special and create an avenue for changes to be made. 

During his address, Wilson spoke about, “the day of our lives,” regarding race relations, sexism, and other attributes that create differences in the population. There has been a resurgence of blunt prejudices, and unjust behaviors that were common in the era of Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, and others. 

“We are witnessing a new level of hypocrisy in democracy.” The injustices of people of color, women, and other minorities are plastered all over social media, which is easily accessible, has been used and misused to promote individuals’ agendas. Wilson told students to “let your Morgan education be your firewall.” 

Concluding his address, President Wilson told Morganites that “When truth is concerned, you should be unshakeable.” Filtering through the nonsense and the “alternative facts” to find the truth.