Letter from the Editor: The Making of a True Journalist

Akira Kyles

As a graduating senior at Morgan State University majoring in multimedia journalism, I owe all the best experiences to the School of Global Journalism and Communication.

Coming to Morgan, I knew I wanted to be a journalist, but I was solely focused on broadcast journalism. I’ve always seen myself being a television reporter telling the world what’s going on.

Unfortunately, in the beginning stages at SGJC, the courses were targeted to print journalism. Since that wasn’t my focus I wasn’t interested in writing for print at all. However, I knew I couldn’t escape writing for print, since it’s an important aspect in for news and storytelling.

But my start in writing for print didn’t happen naturally, Professor and Spokesman adviser, Milton Kent suggested that I join the Spokesman after taking his editing class. I developed my skill to edit story by correcting grammar and fact checking content.

So, when I joined the Spokesman that’s all I wanted to do. I volunteered for a few stories, which I had no interest in because I was only focused on editing copy. Then I eventually became, copy desk editor.

After about a semester in the position, I was asked to become campus news editor. I was hesitant in taking the position because it was a leadership role I thought I wasn’t ready for.

However, with a push from Kent and former Editor-in-Chief, Tramon Lucas, I accepted.

That’s when all the great experiences of being a journalist truly began for me. I started writing more stories, covering breaking news and working with the Spokesman staff in making decisions along with delivering news our community and university needed to know about.

The Spokesman shaped me to understand the true meaning of being a journalist, from being persistent, being accurate and asking the right questions.

I honestly wish I would’ve join the Spokesman when I first entered Morgan. Only being involve with the Spokesman for a year and half, I appreciate everything I learned from my colleagues and adviser.

For the future Spokesman staff, remember to be accurate, persistent and willing to learn. Lastly, believe in yourself and it’s never too late to learn how to be a better story teller.

Farewell Morgan.

Sincerely, Your Campus News Editor