Campus Security Update on Morgan View

Dominique Hunter

After the fatal stabbing of Gerald Williams, the decision to install security guards amongst Morgan View grounds was definite. However, relatable incidences have occurred at Morgan State University, that has students questioning if their safety is indeed, top priority.

In regards to the shooting incident that occurred in early April in the 1540 building at Morgan View, Morgan released a statement about the possibility of placing metal detectors in student residence halls.

Vice President of Student Affairs, Kevin Banks has confirmed that the idea is not yet set in stone and the university still has a significant amount of research to perform before even beginning to finalize a proposal.

The idea of metal detectors possibly moving forward, is unsettling for most. Current students feel to reluctant to continue their college career at the university or it would simply prevent future students from even applying.

In order to find a solution for student safety, there has to be a level of common achieved —especially the ones who live off-campus.

The Spokesman spoke with Melinda Farmer, regional vice president of American Campus Communities on Morgan View security policies. American Campus Communities is the official management team for Morgan View apartments.

According to Farmer, Morgan View contracts with a third-party security company for all security needs around the facility. Their protocols include: security guards doing rounds inside buildings, roving patrols on the exterior and parking lots, view cameras, man at the front gate to sign in guests and keep out unauthorized visitors. 

“We have a robust security plan at Morgan View including security guards, roving patrols, cameras, a front gate controlled entry point and FOB/card entry on all building doors. We continually evaluate our procedures and refine them as needed. When there is a change in security we communicate that to residents.  We are also going to continue educating residents about properly using the security measures in place,” said Farmer.

Farmer was then questioned on her view of the idea of metal detectors being installed and if American Campus Communities would allow it to happen.

We always evaluate our systems on a case by case basis.”

Her brief answer did not explain much in relation to metal detectors in the Morgan View Complex.

According to Farmer, crime incidents has not affected the number of students to do leasing contracts with Morgan View apartments. She has expressed that American Campus Communities’ dialogue with Morgan State University is extremely well when a crime incident occurs.

“Our apartments continue to lease at a robust pace. When an incident occurs, we have a very open communication system with MSU,” said Farmer.

As of now, no new security policies has been launched and Morgan View will continue to actively follow its standard protocol.