The Spokesman

Campus Security Update on Morgan View

Dominique Hunter

April 20, 2018

After the fatal stabbing of Gerald Williams, the decision to install security guards amongst Morgan View grounds was definite. However, relatable incidences have occurred at Morgan State University, that has students questioning...

Spokesman Editorial: Metal detectors in dorms – An idea that needs rethinking

Akira Kyles

April 15, 2018

In the heart of an urban community plagued with violence, murder and death, there is Morgan State University. More times than we would like, we have covered the times when the invisible wall of safety has been crossed by the violence...

Future Bears React to Morgan’s New Possible Security Measure

Dominique Hunter

April 8, 2018

As high school students prepare to take the plunge and choose a university, there is a lot to research to make a sound decision, including the school’s policies. In light of the report of gunshots being fired at Morgan View...

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