Future Bears React to Morgan’s New Possible Security Measure

Dominique Hunter

As high school students prepare to take the plunge and choose a university, there is a lot to research to make a sound decision, including the school’s policies.

In light of the report of gunshots being fired at Morgan View on Monday, April 2, which is still under investigation, a campus-wide email was sent out on April 3 stating that Morgan State University will explore the option of putting metal detectors in all residence halls.

As possible Morganites explored Morgan during open house, they expressed their opinions on the possible policy. Many were unaware of the reported shooting at Morgan View.

Keshaun  Whitehead, a possible multimedia journalism major from Prince George’s County, had mixed feelings on the possibility of metal detectors in dorms.

“I’m completely cool with [metal detectors in dorms],” said Whitehead, “because you got to know someone’s going to carry a gun and what not, but it depends, I guess…It’s going to be some issues, but they have to figure out a way to work around that.”

Parents also spoke out about their concerns and comfort of their children having to go through metal detectors to get to their classes.

Les Stephens, father of a possible Morganite, was assured that there is a focus of safety on campus by all the security he had seen.

“I would be okay with [metal detectors in dorms],” said Stephens. “If it means saving lives, if it means me going to sleep at night knowing that my kid is in a safe environment, that his dorm room is safe, that nobody is able to just walk in and out with any kind of weapons or anything like that, then yeah I’ll deal with that.”

Karen Simpson, has concerns about crime occurrences surrounding the campus and campus security protocols but also had mixed feelings about metal detectors in dorms.

“I’m perplexed,” said Simpson. “I think there’s a big push to install metal detectors in schools to keep guns and things out of the way, but I also think it makes the environment not as trusting. If you have to walk through metal detectors, now you feel like you’re in a prison-type, a more lock down.”

There has been no further information on the possibility of metal detectors in residence halls at this time.

This story is a part of ongoing reporting this week on the issue of security in and around Morgan State University.