Morgan Uses Center to Prepare Students for Their Career Paths


Akira Kyles

Within the Montebello Complex is the Center for Career Development (CCD), where students receive guidance and assistance when it comes to their career path.

The center offers a variety of services offered to the students of Morgan.

“The Center for Career Development has really helped students with creating their resumes. Students have been able to apply for jobs and internships,” said Wenona Richardson, BearTracks Career Specialist for the center. “There are employers that visit the Center for Career Development representing companies such as Target, J.P. Morgan and many other individuals from different fields of profession.”

Beartracks is Morgan’s pathway to student career success. The system helps students connect with faculty advisors, employers, retention coordinators, career specialists and Morgan alumni.

The individuals who work at the center, helps students with career exploration via assessments. Along with reviews and constructive critiques of resumes and cover letters.

“Working here has been a very rewarding experience, this center is for the students and it sets students on the right direction,” said Richardson.

There is also the “Career Closet,” located in the center, for students who do not have professional work attire. Students can go and pick out clothes best suited for them and acquire possession of selected attire. The clothes are donated by Morgan State professors and alumni.

“There are people who have retired and have clothes that they no longer need due to having a vast amount or simply because they do not fit anymore,” said Whitney D. Hills, administrative assistant for the center.

The usage of the center varies monthly, especially within the spring and fall semesters. There are generally only about 25 students that go to the center, while there are more than 40 students that use the Career Closet.

“During midterms, the Center for Career Development usually has students stop by more frequently,” said Richardson. “Students are more than welcome to stop by if they are in help.”