Morgan State Updates University Title IX Policy

Dominique Hunter, Campus News Editor

The Office of Diversity & Equal Employment Opportunity at Morgan State University has improved their gender and sexual-based harassment and violence policy in reflection of the recent misconduct issues arising across the country.

The policy, which is commonly referred as the sexual misconduct policy at Morgan, prohibited the acts of sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking. The university implemented Title IX, a federal and state law banned against sexual discrimination throughout the institution to maintain a safe working and educational environment for students, faculty and staff.

To continue a safe environment, Morgan has emphasized that faculty and staff make students aware of their responsibility if they hear or see any sexual misconduct.

“Our faculty are what we call responsible employees, and that means at any time if they learn of anything around sexual misconduct or in violation of this policy they must report it to me,” said Tanyka Barber, title IX coordinator.

Some professors have utilized their syllabus to make students aware ahead of time that a report will be made if they confide in them personally as a victim or if they witness sexual misconduct. With this report, responsible employees can’t grant confidentiality but will ensure privacy during this case.

“There’s a difference between confidentially and privacy, professors only need to share information with those who are involved in the investigation process and those who are involved with assisting the student as a part of the aspect privacy in the situation,” said Barber.

Confidentiality may be granted through a request from the victim to prohibit the university from taking action or their name not being used during the investigation process, but the university can’t always honor that request in some cases.

However, if students preferred not to disclose their situation with sexual misconduct to a responsible employee, they must visit the university’s confidential sources such as the University Counseling Center, University Health Center and Christian Center.

Morgan also offers interim measures for any victim of sexual misconduct, which includes assistance with relocation or removal from housing, adjusting classes or assistance with counseling.

For additional information about the Title IX sexual misconduct policy, investigation process and the rights victims have, visit