Morganite of the Year: Brittany Dorsey

Tramon Lucas

Serving your community isn’t something that all college students focus on as they balance classes and work but for Morgan State University’s Miss Junior, it is a priority.

Brittany Dorsey, originally from Queens, New York, has always been about community service since her younger days as a Girl Scout. That same energy remained even in her college years and heightened in her position as Miss Junior, which why Dorsey is this year’s Morganite of the Year.

“I believe that’s what makes the experience. I think if you’re not involved you don’t really get the full experience,” said Dorsey. “I feel like I enjoy being able to implement things other people can enjoy whether it be people in the community or people on campus. I like connecting with other students, like being part of different organizations, meet new people, gain new opportunities, things like that.”

According to a friend of Dorsey, what she does comes straight from her character.

“She’s very aware of the whole situation she’s been in from the jump. By her just doing the work that she’s doing now, that really shows a true queen. All the work that she’s doing now is just very amazing, it shows a lot about her character, shows that she’s very strong,” said Juwan Whitehead, former Mr. Junior. “The work that Brittany does, she doesn’t do it for recognition, she does all that out the kindness of her heart. I can’t even count on my fingers how much community service she does.”

Dorsey tries to step out of her position to do more work on and off the campus to help her community and fellow students.

To Dorsey, being a Morganite revolves around supporting each other and understanding the history of Morgan State.

“Being a morganite means, for one, understanding the rich history of our HBCU, understanding that there’s no other place like Morgan, having a sense of integrity on and off of campus and holding yourself to a certain standard, understanding that you’re now part of a legacy bigger than yourself,” said Dorsey. “Understanding that you actually have a duty to work for Morgan, work for the Morgan community and then even after you graduate to still give back. And just understanding that you’re a part of a family so knowing that you always have to look out for the one that is next to you…”

This semester, Dorsey held a women’s networking event, gathered clothes for people in Sierra Leone after a mudslide and ended her semester in Nigeria to help feed people.

“She really cares about the spiritual development of the Morgan student…” said Joy Barnes, Student Government Association Vice President.

Korey Matthews, Social Media Editor, contributed to this story.