Not all students go home for the Holidays

The MSU Spokesman

During this time of year, students rush in excitement to travel back home with their families for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Even with the joyous outcome, some students may have to stay over during the break. Some of the students that are staying on campus are the residential advisors at Morgan State University.

Residential advisors choose either to stay for the Thanksgiving break or spring break.

Some RA’s take the holiday breaks hard because they go to school away from their families and they have to choose work over family.

“I feel that being away from my family for the holidays sucks because I miss them and know that they miss me. Spending the holidays in Baltimore is something that I would not do,” said Rawlings RA DJ Griffin.

“It’s difficult but it is manageable because I live in Baltimore,” says O’Connell Hall RA Deon Jennings.

While some RA’s have it rough to spend Thanksgiving away from families, others don’t seem to be affected by it.

“I celebrate other holidays [Christmas] but Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday that I celebrate,” said Harper-Tubman RA Jeffon Stubbs. “It’s more than a choice to work during the holidays. Staffers can choose to work Thanksgiving or spring break,” he added.

“I am working during the holiday because I want spring break off. I am not a huge Thanksgiving fan,” said Kenold Pierre, another RA from O’Connell Hall. Pierre also serves as the president of the junior class.