Morgan State University’s Sesquicentennial tree planting & dedication ceremony recap


The MSU Spokesman

Special to The MSU Spokesman, the following below is a Bear-TV News piece on Morgan State University’s Sesquicentennial Tree Planting & Dedication ceremony, Tuesday.

On the academic quad, David Wilson, president of Morgan State University along with other members of the MSU administration, gathered to celebrate the sesquicentennial in the midst of the United Sesquicentennial Celebration, where the nine historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) recognizing their 150th anniversary will join on campus for a number events.

These events include a ‘Leadership Round Table Discussion with HBCU-9 Chancellors and Presidents,’ moderated by Morgan alumna and White House correspondent April Ryan, Friday, Sept. 29. Then there will be an ‘HBCU-9 Luncheon’ with the Hon. Maxine Waters as the keynote speaker.

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Below is the video piece from Bear-TV