Remembering the life of Morgan’s Dmitri Clemons

Tramon Lucas

Nearly 200 people gathered in an intimate setting at People’s Community Baptist Church in Silverspring to honor the life of Dmitri Clemons, a Morgan State senior civil engineer major who died after an accident in Hurt Gymnasium.

The church pews were filled with his family, friends and folks from the Morgan State community, all of whom were gravely impacted by this unfortunate event.

The charismatic and influential energy was felt as people who were immediately close to Clemons described his accomplishments and said that he would be most remembered for taking over the room.

“Dmitri was that light. Not that big old light, like a chandelier, but that little light that keeps you from breaking your neck at night,” said Fred Boddie, assistant track and field coach at Paint Branch High School, following a light in a darkroom analogy. Clemons was an active participant during his time there.

Clemons was not only active in sports but also extremely proactive in the classroom, as he maintained a consecutive 4.0 GPA during his matriculation at Morgan.

“A superior student,” said to Reginald Amory PhD, chairperson of the civil engineering department at Morgan.

Vice president of the American Society of Civil Engineers–Morgan State Chapter, Engineering Dean’s List and Morgan’s representative for the U.S.-China Study Delegation selected by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation are just some of the accomplishments that Clemons’ had on his resume.

Some paid homage to his activeness in the People’s Community Baptist Church community alongside his mother, Lynn Clemons. Dr. Haywood A. Robinson, III, Pastor recalls Clemons coming to the congregation after his mother was diagnosed with cancer.

“[Dmitri] brought his mother to church. Something a lot of young people don’t do,” Robinson said.

Vice President of Student Affairs Kevin Banks read a heartfelt letter on behalf of Morgan president David Wilson. He assured the Clemons family that Dmitri will receive his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in the upcoming 2017 Commencement.