Details of Gerald Williams’ death arise prior to suspect’s hearing

Benjamin McKnight

After a nearly two month investigation, a suspect was arrested in the fatal stabbing of Morgan State University student Gerald Williams on February 1.

The suspect, Harry Malik Robertson of Bowie, was arrested on March 31 in Prince George’s County, and will face a preliminary hearing Tuesday at Baltimore District Court.

At the hearing, it’s expected that Robertson will offer a plea to charges of first and second degree murder as well as a lesser charge of possession of a dangerous weapon with the intent to injure.

A picture of the scene surrounding Williams’ death has emerged.

Multimedia Journalism sophomore Isaiah Mclin was with Williams the night of his death.

“Before I even walked in [my room], Gerald called me,” said Mclin. “He hit my phone and he basically let me know that there was a possibility of something going down, but he just wanted to hang with me for real.

According to Mclin, there was a party in Morgan View that Williams had invited him to, but he felt that Williams also wanted him there for “assurance”.

Mclin said he had no involvement with the confrontation that happened prior to him arriving at Morgan View. Eddie Robinson, a friend of both Williams and Robertson, said that the confrontation started over a fake $50 bill that one of Williams’ friends reportedly gave to the suspect.

The groups broke off into separate fights and, according to Mclin, his group was outnumbered.

“It was seven of us and 12 of them,” Mclin said.

It was in that moment of fighting off five people that Mclin heard Williams’ voice cry out in distress.

“I wasn’t really sure of what he said, but I just knew that it was him,” Mclin said, “Once I heard that, I kind of stopped feeling the punches and everything, and kind of looked up and saw that they were kind of dispersing.”

“I saw Gerald charge at ‘Lucky’ (a nickname for Robertson) as if he was running back at him or something, and Lucky pulled a knife,” said another witness who asked to remain anonymous out of concern for their safety.

The Spokesman honored the witness’ request.

“He [Robertson] pulled a knife but he jabbed—like jabbed him [Williams]; it was like a quick jab,” the witness said while motioning what they saw. “Nobody noticed he [Williams] was bleeding out.”

According to the unnamed witness and Mclin, Williams’ death may have been affected by the time between when he was stabbed, when authorities were contacted and when the police and medical officials arrived.

“I don’t know who contacted who, but eventually someone was called; it just took them too long to get there,” said the witness. “And when the police showed up, the first thing they wanted to know was who did it.”

“They took forever, and the worst part about it is, Baltimore police showed up before MSU P.D. did,” Mclin said. “That made me sick because they’re getting paid to be there. Stuff like this happens, it’s literally their job to be there and no one was there.”

Williams was pronounced dead after arriving at the hospital.

Mclin posted to Snapchat that night, figuring not enough people knew about what happened to his friend.

“I kind of wanted people to know,” he said. “I didn’t want to spill all the details, but I definitely wanted them to be aware that something drastic had just taken place.”

“Losing Gwop [Williams] was like losing a little brother,” said Robinson

Robertson was a Coppin State University student at the time, but following the events of Feb. 1, Robertson was suspended from Coppin State after a room check. Coppin officials have not provided details on what was discovered during the room search.

Ahjahnae LaQuer, Tramon Lucas, and Benjamin McKnight III contributed to this story.