Iron Chef returns to Morgan State

Benjamin McKnight

There are many students at Morgan State University who think they can cook, and on April 20 they will have the opportunity to display those abilities in the 2nd Iron Chef Competition.

The first competition took place April 2014. Due to more “pressing issues,” the event could not take place in 2015 according to Joyce Allison, Assistant Coordinator of Student Activities at Morgan State. This year’s competition will be from 12-1:30 p.m. on the University Student Center patio.

“We got the idea from television and from the students; they wanted a program during the day and a chance to display their culinary skills.” Allison said.

The competition is to have three teams of three members each. Each team will have their own cooking station. There will be five judges that are university officials but they are unknown to the students. Teams were briefed on the official rules and regulations before the competition.

Each teams will have 45 minutes to create a dish, using the ingredients given, plate that dish for each the five judges and leave one dish for the unveiling of the winner.

The winners will receive a grand prize unknown at this time, but will consist of a mixture of either “electronics and/or gift cards”.

“We chose to do it on a Wednesday to support Thompson Hospitality’s Wellness Wednesday initiative,” Allison said. The initiative is to teach students about healthier food options and using fresh ingredients for when they prepare and cook their own meals.

“It was excellent in 2014, the [University Student Center] patio was packed,” Allison said. “I think is going to be great. A lot of students have been asking for it. Within the first 10 minutes, after the email was sent to the student body, three complete teams registered.”