Morgan State speaks out on Freddie Gray

The MSU Spokesman

Students from the Intro to Multimedia Writing class branched out around campus to gather insight on how other Morgan State students, employees and faculty members felt about Freddie Gray, the temporary curfew that’s been placed on Baltimore City residents and the charges placed on the six officers involved in Freddie Gray’s death.


“The first thing they said after releasing the breaking news of Freddie Gray’s severed spine was that he had a history of negative behavior…It’s always an excuse for them and the death penalty for us.”

– Kyir Morgan, 18, Sophomore

“In my view, given the evidence presented in her press conference, I think it was the right thing to do. I think it was the right thing for Baltimore.”

– Clinton Coleman, Morgan State’s Director of Public Relations and Communications

“I understand why they are doing a curfew, but at the same time you can’t blame people for reacting the way they reacted.”

– Taesha Harris, Student

“It’s a great lesson for young people in our city to learn about how to exercise their right to civil liberties.”

– Dr. Russell Davis, 57, Faculty

“It’s crazy how we had to do all of this to get answers. I feel so relieved after hearing the attorney [Marilyn Mosby] speak.”

– Ariel Somerville, Junior, Broadcast Journalism major

“No words can describe how happy I feel. I’m very shocked that justice was served.”

– Udo Ebulu, Junior, Accounting major

“…I hope that this is an end to police brutality.”

– Kwesi Adoko, Junior, Broadcast and Integrated Media major

“When we come together in numbers they fear us and so they proceed to attempt to eliminate us and we can’t keep allowing it.”

– Kyir Morgan, 18, Sophomore

“I feel like they are getting what they deserve. I hope they actually get convicted.”

– Travis Davidson, Senior

“If they can prove the police actually caused Freddie’s injuries they deserve the charges. Otherwise, until it’s officially proven they should be docked.”

– K. Wallace, works in the Bursar Office

“I’m excited for the city. I’m hoping it will calm the city. I just don’t like the curfew, it messes with people’s money.”

– Darlene Nutt, Administrative Assistant in the Financial Aid office