Morgan Students Gather for World AIDS Day

The MSU Spokesman

WAD2014-Morgan copy
Hundreds of Morgan students gathered on the football field today for World AIDS Day

By Tiana Dickerson and Kristen Lyles

World AIDS Day takes place on the first day of December every year. Today, students gathered at Morgan State University to support people living with HIV and remember those who died from the disease.

Students came together not only from Morgan, but also from different schools all over the city, including Heritage High School. While World AIDS Day Supports those who are already living with the disease, it is also designed to raise awareness.

At the Get S.M.A.R.T. Health Fair in the Student Center there was free HIV testing along with entertainment. Hats and t-shirts were given out to supporters at the event. Vendors in booths gave students the opportunity to learn about HIV and other STD’s, but provided fun things to do, as well.

When the fair ended everyone proceeded to Hughes Memorial Stadium in attempt to break the Guinness World Record for Largest Living Red Ribbon. Students, faculty and staff crowded onto the field in their red cover-ups to create a massive red ribbon and the year, 2014.