Sony Sparks Gamer’s Interest With New Playstation 4

The MSU Spokesman

playstation 4The most wonderful time of the year for gamers across the globe is upon us. Sony has left the past seven years behind and is gearing up to provide excellent next generation gaming for 10 years to come with their new PlayStation4 console. Priced at $399,  it’s a no-brainer from an economical standpoint between the Ps4 or its rival in the Xbox One, which is priced at a whopping $100 more.

Regardless of costs, every gamer is truly interested in whether or not they’ll be getting the enhancements they’re paying for. They want to know if the system will fulfill all of their gaming needs or will it have them looking elsewhere for daily entertainment.  Sony makes it clear that improvements are all worth while.

The new Ps4, with its new sleek angular design and half-polished half-matte finish, is a beauty to look at. The system also comes equipped with a huge series of vents at the back designed to keep it cool when playing for hours on end. The Ps4 should make anyone upgrading from its predecessor in the Ps3 very happy.

Just like with the Ps3, this system comes equipped with built-in blue ray technology that will make any movie watcher happy. The console also has all of the necessary plug in ports such as audio input, HDMI, Ethernet, and a port for the PlayStation camera which runs on 1080p. Now there is no power brick connected to the system.  When we’re talking about hardware, though this is a smaller console than usual, it packs a hefty punch. The Ps4 is equipped inside with a 500GB Hard Drive, 8GB or RAM, and an 8 Core AMD Jaguar CPU. The graphics on this thing are insanely good. For example, the picture on the NBA 2K14 for the Ps4 are as realistic as it gets.

You can see the sweat glistening on players as they run up and down the court, their jerseys have definition, the ripples in the basketball are  easily visible. Other games like Call Of Duty and Assasin’s Creed are just as bold and beautiful when being projected on your 50 inch television screen. Parents may even walk into a room where your’e playing and think you’re actually watching a game of basketball or even a classic war film. Sony has done a tremendous job this time around, enhancing game play from the last system.

With all of the provisions made by Sony on the new system, there has still been shocking complaints from initial buyers of product failure and the dreaded ‘red line of death.’  The RLD is when the system is telling you, “it’s time to let me cool off for a while or you’ll risk losing me for about a month for repairs.”  No one ever wants to see their brand new system  falling short of expectations, but, all of those things aren’t uncommon when a new system arrives. There shouldn’t be too much worry, Sony tends to get the bugs fixed by the time a second batch is released. Just as they have done with their portable PlayStation systems when they were initially introduced back in 2004.

All of the positive remarks toward this system means nothing if we don’t mention the gaming, and that all begins with the controller. Ps4 has taken its time to craft a controller that is not only improved with its slightly bigger size and level of comfort in the hand of gamers, with these changes it has been able to still remain familiar. The new controller also has a sexy look to it, equipped with ports for charging and headset usage. There is also a glowing indicator on it to differentiate all the players using the system. This feature was not on the Ps3 so, that is a very nice touch. Gamers can expect comfortable gaming for hours with the new improvement to the controller, as well as tons of functionality that wasn’t present before. Everything is right where you need it to be. It makes using the camera while gaming  a lot simpler and fun.

Sony has always been a forward-thinking company when its PlayStation systems are concerned. Having free online play, a gaming system that allows you to play blue ray dvd’s and wireless capabilities are all things that make PlayStation a staple in the gaming community. The first day sales for the Ps4 were tremendous, as people pre-ordered the system months in advance and lined up by the hundreds the night before its release. Even at Arundel Mills for example, hundreds of kids were lined up at Thursday for the midnight release of the Ps4 on Friday at Best Buy. Conversations between patrons in line stemmed from, what they planned to do first when they made the purchase to arguments over which games and system they thought was the best. Some of the people in line have been following the release since last year and spoke about how they remodeled their game rooms just to feel cozy playing their brand new Ps4.

This is undoubtedly a good choice to make if you’re looking for a system that is a great performer and reasonable priced. We will only be able to truly compare the xbox  and Ps4 when the Xbox One debuts on the 22nd of November. As of now, the Ps4 is this year’s winner.