The Mailbox: Dear Professor

The MSU Spokesman


Dear Professor,

I understand you have high expectations for your students since we are at an institution for higher learning,  however me having a $150 textbook by the next class is very unreasonable. You knew when you assigned the book that it was going to be expensive. Every year book publishers come out with new editions and every year you expect your students to get it. Why don’t you buy the book for your class since you think having a textbook for your class is top priority? Did you ever stop to consider the other classes I take that may require me buying a textbook too? No, you just thought I was a part-time student taking only one class, yours! It’s very insensitive of you to assign reading the first day of class knowing half of the class is going through financial hardships due to insufficient funding from Federal Student Aid.  So next week when only a small portion of the class has the book don’t be disappointed or annoyed, because I will be just as annoyed trying to come up with the money to purchase the book for your class.



A Broke College Student