The Spokesman’s 2022-2023 Magazine

Review The Spokesman’s coverage of the 2022-2023 academic school year in a special edition magazine featuring 25 of our top stories.

The Spokesman produced elite news coverage ranging from Morgan State University news, politics, crime, sports, entertainment and more.

With the first ever Spokesman gubernatorial forum in September and constant election coverage leading up to the inauguration of Governor Wes Moore, the Spokesman reached new heights this year.

Morgan’s campus news, housing crisis, campus safety, and student life were all at the forefront of the Spokesman’s reporting.

The rebirth of Morgan’s wrestling program as well as the football and basketball seasons led the Spokesman’s sports coverage with detailed stories on aspiring NFL prospects and the men’s basketball injury-ridden season.

The Spokesman’s arts and entertainment coverage broadened from the arts produced at Morgan State like the fine arts department’s production of Dreamgirls to Black mainstream entertainment including Disney+ shows The Proud Family: Louder and Family, The Crossover, and the CW’s All American: Homecoming.

In this special edition magazine, editor-in-chief Jordan D. Brown cultivated 25 of the Spokesman’s top stories highlighting the hard work produced this year.

Condensing the magazine down to 25 out of more than 130 articles was not easy, but the stories included best displays the Spokesman’s work.