Will you go to Prom with me? Morgan State hosts Prom for ILMW

The campus activities board hosted a prom during I Love Morgan Week to relive some of the experiences students lost in the COVID-19 pandemic.


The campus activities board hosted a prom during I Love Morgan Week to relive some of the experiences students lost in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lake Marion, Sports Editor

The end of the spring 2023 semester is almost here, I Love Morgan Week is in full effect, and Morgan State’s campus activities board hosted a prom on Thursday for those who missed out in 2020 due to the pandemic.

The prom was the university’s way of giving those who didn’t have a prom during 2020 when the pandemic started a chance to have that experience, now with their college peers.

Most of the students whose prom plans were affected by the pandemic are either sophomores or juniors in college now.

Although COVID-19 mostly affected the proms of college juniors, Morgan’s prom was open for all of its students to attend.

There was no mention of how many tickets were sold for the prom. Nyla Thompson, the executive chair of the campus activities board (CAB), said that “we [CAB] aren’t able to discuss that information” or share the number of tickets sold.

In a previous article, the number of tickets sold was shared with the Spokesman when music artists Glorilla, Moneybagg Yo and Nardo Wick performed at Morgan State during homecoming in 2022.

Regardless of the number of tickets sold though, the students were happy about the opportunity to make up for what they missed out on in 2020 and were willing to go.

Roosevelt Wandji, a sophomore, felt that this prom made up for the one he missed when he was still in high school, and he was excited to go.

“Due to COVID [19], our senior year we did not have prom,” said Wandji. “I already have my prom date ready. We’ll see each other Thursday.”

Geoffrey Wyatt, a junior, had the opportunity to go to his junior prom in high school but he skipped out on it because he planned to go to his senior prom.

Unfortunately for Wyatt, he had to miss out on his senior prom in 2020 as well. But even though he went to Morgan’s prom, he does not believe that it makes up for the prom that he missed.

“I don’t think it’s going to make up for the old prom,” said Wyatt. “But it definitely is just another nice event to have while I’m here at Morgan. Nothing is really going to replace the feeling of getting sent off to prom during high school.”

It can be true for some people that this prom does not make up for the one that they missed. Some people expressed their opinions on why they did not want to go to this prom night.

Tito Falodun, a junior, said that Morgan had “taken too long” to bring a prom to its students.

“Like it’s cool. The idea is cool,” said Falodun. “I’m happy they are doing it. But I feel like there’s a certain point where I’m not about to be posting ‘2k23’ when I graduated in 2020.”

Even Jada Willis, another junior at Morgan State, said that she did not want to go to prom but thought having one is a good idea.

“It’s a great idea since a lot of people who graduated in 2020 didn’t get to have their senior prom,” said Willis. “It’s great that Morgan has made that decision to help us out in our college life.”

Morgan State’s campus activities board created this prom as an opportunity for those who did not get to experience their senior prom.

Dressing fancy, having a prom date, or just having fun with your friends in a fancy setting is something that many should not miss out on.