Spring 2023: What’s New on Campus

Here’s what you missed on campus during Morgan’s winter break.

Jah'I Selassie, Campus News Editor

Morgan State University saw a variety of changes during the recent winter break, including changes to residence halls, a ban on a certain social media app, and a temporarily reduced shuttle schedule.

Metal detectors added to all university dorms

Extensive safety measures were added to campus dorms, including metal detectors that were installed during the academic break.

Kevin Banks, vice president of student affairs, said the installation of the devices was a “necessary security measure that will allow us to mitigate opportunities for weapons or other questionable objects to be brought into our buildings.”

The decision was met with criticism from students that felt the security measure was a “waste of money.”

TikTok is now banned from the university Wi-Fi

Further developments were implemented by the university to restrict popular social media platform TikTok on campus Wi-Fi.

This prohibition came after then-Maryland Governor Larry Hogan issued an emergency cybersecurity directive, warning the state of concerns with the platform.

The measure was put in motion as an act of prevention against potential threats from certain Chinese and Russian platforms.

Shuttle service challenges on first day of classes

Morgan’s BEARTransit services experienced “unforeseen challenges” on Wednesday that resulted in commuter students either arriving late or missing classes on the first day of the spring semester.

As a result, BEARTransit is currently operating on a reduced schedule, according to the Office of Business & Auxiliary Services. Transportation service will be provided to the Lord Baltimore Hotel, HH Midtown, Altus Towson Row, TowsonTown Place, Morgan View, and Marble Hall Gardens, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

BEARTransit Shuttle Bus Schedule on Jan. 19. (The Office of Business & Auxiliary Services )
BEARTransit Shuttle Bus Schedule on Jan. 19. (Office of Business & Auxiliary Services )