Spokesman Hot Seat: Douglass Gwynn

Morgan State University’s director of residence life and housing answered several questions around the university’s ongoing housing overage.

Elijah Pittman

Thalya Baptiste, Staff Writer

For many years, Morgan State University has struggled with providing adequate housing to incoming freshmen and returning students. 

As Morgan sought to meet the needs of students with a record high enrollment of 9,100 students this fall, the school reached an agreement with Lord Baltimore Hotel in Downtown Baltimore to house 440 students. 

In 2022, Morgan unveiled a 10-year strategic plan which included the development of Thurgood Marshall Residence Hall, which opened earlier this year and houses 660 students. The adjacent is set to be completed in 2024 which will house 604 students. 

Students have wondered why Morgan has issues with finding space for students in on-campus housing for years. 

Douglass Gwynn, the director of residence life and housing, took the time to speak with the Spokesman on why Morgan faces this issue every year. 

He also tackled questions about financial clearance as a requirement to receive a housing assignment and temporary solutions that have been put in place for the past couple of years, like hotels. 

Kevin Banks, vice president of student affairs, said the deal with Lord Baltimore  is currently a semester-long agreement, but the hotel will continue to house students in the spring.

Previously, Morgan partnered with the Delta Hotel by the Marriott at the Village of Cross Keys on Falls Road, but the agreement came to an end after last school year. 

Morgan State University is home to over 9,000 students. Some of which recognize that, though they might have a sense of pride in the university, there are some underlying issues that Morgan has yet to tackle.

Housing, for example, is one of the biggest issues Morgan students face throughout their matriculation in relation to the university. 

The MSU Spokesman, the campus’s student-run publication, has set out to talk to key members of Morgan administration who are in charge of housing, financial aid, etc. to get more information on these issues and solutions that may be in the works.