Morgan State football continues 18-game losing streak on the road

The Bears lost to Stony Brook 24-22 with a game-winning field goal on Saturday.


Edwin Moore

The Bears return to Morgan State University’s Hughes Memorial Stadium next Saturday.

Lake Marion, Contributing Writer

The Morgan State Bears (3-5) went on the road to take on the Stony Brook Seawolves (1-7) at LaValle Stadium Saturday afternoon.

The Bears hoped to extend their winning streak to two games, but lost to the Seawolves 24-22 with a game-winning field goal in the final two minutes of the game.

Coming into this game, the Bears were on a 17-road-game losing streak. The last road game the Bears won was back in 2018, where they defeated Norfolk State University 44-27 in their last game that season.

Since then, the Bears have struggled on the road. That still holds true so far this season, even under new head coach Damon Wilson.

What makes the streak worse is that most of the Bears’ losses on the road over the course of their last three seasons were not close games.

From the 17 games, in five games their opponents scored 50 points or more, eight games their opponents scored 40 points or more, and 11 games their opponents scored 30 points or more.

That is not where the road woes end for the Bears though. Out of those 17 games lost, the Bears only had two games where it was a one possession game and the Bears had an opportunity to either win or tie the game.

The Bears largest loss was to Georgia Southern earlier this season, where they lost by 52 points in a 59-7 blowout.

The Bears were also shutout twice, once to Howard University, losing 27-0 last season and once to Norfolk State, losing 48-0 during the 2019 season.

The team that scored the most points on the Bears was Tulane University with 69 points in a 69-20 blowout last season.

Prior to Saturday’s game against the Seawolves, the Bears allowed 695 points scored on them during this losing streak, an average 40.8 points per game.

On the Bears’ end scoring, they only managed to put up 211 points total in those 17 losses, for an average of 12.4 points per game.

The Bears failed to score more than 21 points in any of the last 17 away games. Saturday’s game was the first time since 2018 the Bears scored 22 points on the road.

Saturday’s game was the closest the Bears were to breaking the losing streak. Down 21-16 late in the fourth quarter, the Bears took a 22-21 lead with a late touchdown pass with just under two minutes left.

However, the Bears left too much time on the clock for the Seawolves and gave up a few big plays and penalties, as the Seawolves scored the game-winning field goal as time expired.

With the loss, the Bears are now 3-6 this season and increase their road-game losing streak to 18. Next week, the Bears will take on Delaware State University in their final road game of the season.

This will be the Bears’ last chance to end their road-game losing streak this season. If they don’t, that means they will have lost 19-straight road games and have to wait until next season to break the streak.