Cox punches ticket, Moore declines Spokesman gubernatorial forum

Morgan State University’s student-run news publication is hosting a gubernatorial forum on Sept. 27 ahead of the upcoming Maryland elections this November.


Justice Georgie

The forum will be held in the University Student Center on Sept. 27.

Jordan D. Brown, Editor in Chief

The MSU Spokesman is hosting its first gubernatorial forum for Maryland’s Democratic and Republican nominees to discuss their campaign promises ahead of the November election.

In July, The Spokesman invited the Democratic nominee Wes Moore and Republican Dan Cox to the Sept. 27 forum to be moderated by NBC News correspondent Antonia Hylton and led by Spokesman reporters.

Cox immediately accepted, but Moore’s seat will remain empty as he declined The Spokesman’s invitation in a pair of emails written by two members of his staff.

Moore recently told Baltimore Banner reporters he’s interested in participating in a debate with Cox.

“I’m looking forward to the time when my opponent and I will be able to stand on stage together and be able to debate our vision and values,” Moore shared with the Baltimore Banner.

However, Allisa Mason, scheduling director for Moore’s campaign, declined The Spokesman’s invitation on her candidate’s behalf.

“We also have a responsibility not to promote or elevate the dangerous views of our opponent who would strip women of the rights to abortion care, who has denied the results of the 2020 election, and who sponsored buses of insurrectionists to the Capitol on Jan. 6,” she said.

Mason said Moore would debate Cox “at the appropriate time and forum.”

“We will not otherwise share the stage with him and participate in anything that amplifies his dangerous and decisive rhetoric,” Mason wrote. 

Tisha Edwards, chief of staff for Moore’s campaign, told the Spokesman Moore “does not plan to participate in forums at this time” in a following email.

The Spokesman intends to hold its forum for Morgan and the Baltimore Community whether Moore appears or not.

Jacqueline Jones, dean of the School of Global Journalism and Communication, said that Moore’s decision to decline the invitation was a “mistake.”

“Well, my experience over the years has been that when a student media, outlet requests, interviews, or tries to set up forms, they’re blown off, because they’re not taken seriously, which I think is a mistake, especially in this age of digital and social media,” she said.

Trae Mitchell contributed to this article.