5 changes to expect this upcoming school year

Whether they were implemented due to COVID-19 concerns, or they’ve been in the works for years, here’s a round-up of a few ways campus life is changing this year.


Courtesy of Morgan State University

University President David Wilson greets students on the first day of the fall semester 2019.

Aziah Siid, Campus News Editor

Sophomore history major Akilah Johnson is looking forward to taking all of her classes online next semester, but says it’s going to take her some time to come to terms with all the restrictions the university has implemented due to coronavirus concerns. 

“I can’t believe instead of saying ‘oh gosh I left my charger in the car’ I’ll be running back to my car for a mask,” said Johnson. “It’s just all really weird trying to wrap my head around,” she says. 

Friday’s town hall meeting left the Morgan State University community with much to consider. The cancellation of homecoming, another postponement of graduation, and the arrival of new food vendors has left students and faculty wondering “what’s next.” 

The opening of Tyler Hall and the implementation of new hybrid courses (face-to-face instruction or remotely) are amongst anticipated campus changes this semester. Lucky for you, we have four more new things to look out for at the national treasure this fall.

1.Calvin and Tina Tyler Hall 

Tyler Hall is set to open next month after breaking ground in September 2017. The $80 million building will stand tall in the heart of campus on Cold Spring Lane and Perring Parkway. The 139,000 square-foot development will serve as the university’s student service center housing offices such as financial aid, admissions, work-study, enrollment, and more.

Landscaping of the new gem is underway and move-in day is scheduled for August 1, according to University President David Wilson’s most recent post about the building’s development. 

2.Halal Shack 

Visiting the Refac will be a lot more interesting for halal food lovers. The New York City-inspired restaurant is a combination of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine with a hint of American flavor. Students will have the opportunity to make their own bowl, with the option of a rice bowl, fries bowl, salad bowl, zoodles bowl, or naan roll and finish it off with their favorite halal sauce (the white sauce is my personal favorite)!

The Halal Shack is specifically designed for the enjoyment of Higher Education partnerships with locations at other campuses like the University of Albany. 

Owner and operator Jamal Rasoully expressed his excitement for the new partnership in a LinkedIn post shortly after the university’s dining page released the new food option on their Instagram page. 

We are so excited to announce that The Halal Shack will be opening its newest location at Morgan State University,” Rasoully wrote. 

3.New Student Housing Facility 

The apartment-style housing facility will have up to 670 beds to accommodate the growing student body. Expected to open in August 2022, the residential hall will replace the Thurgood Marshall Complex.

University President David Wilson shared a preview of the complex on Instagram, which is set to break ground in September. In his post, Wilson showed a brightly lit building with 670 beds, a dining room, a recreation center for its residents and more. 

4.Cancellation of Homecoming 

The Mid-Eastern Atlantic Conference’s decision to suspend fall sports due to the coronavirus pandemic leaves Morgan State amongst nine other schools short of enjoying their anticipated homecoming football game that usually brings out hundreds of people. 

In the town hall meeting held on Friday, Kevin Banks, Vice President of Student Affairs, confirmed that homecoming will be canceled this year. According to Banks, the decision to cancel homecoming was not a decision taken lightly, especially after the turnout for last year’s festivities. 

5.Dining/Meal Plan Adjustments

Aside from the addition of the Halal Shack, Babas Pizza, and fruit infused water, there are a plethora of options available to students on how they would like a dining experience to be. 

Starting this fall, students will have the option of purchasing the Silver Meal Plan, which provides 21 meal swipes/week or the Dining Dollar Plan starting $250 Dining Dollars/semester. On-campus residents are required to get the Silver Meal Plan, unless you’re a Thurgood Marshall resident. 

For residents living in Thurgood Marshall, they may choose between the Silver Meal Plan or the $1,000 Dining Dollars/semester plan. 

Commuter students have the option of purchasing $250, $500, $750, or $1,000 in Dining Dollars for the semester, with free dining dollars included in each plan. Dining dollars can be used at Baba’s Pizza, Chick-fil-A, Craft It, Farmer’s Field, The Halal Shack, Simply To Go, Rawlings Inspire Cafe, and the campus convenience stores according to the official page for university dining.