Congress passes student relief bill

University President David Wilson says money will be distributed directly to students

Chloe Johnson, Campus News Editor

Relief checks will be issued to students in accordance with the new CARES Act, according to a university announcement on Friday.

Congress passed a $2 trillion bill  to ensure economic relief and assistance for both state and local governments, small business, large corporations and citizens alike. The university is expecting an allotment of $4.6 million, under the Education Stabilization Fund, to aid students with financial struggles due to COVID-19, University President David Wilson said in an email to the Morgan community.

During a press conference on Thursday, Secretary of Education Betsy Devos named college student funding as a priority.

“We don’t want unmet financial needs due to the coronavirus to derail their learning,” she said.

Wilson said that a majority of funding will be distributed to Pell Grant eligible students and encouraged students to “use these funds wisely and for their intended purpose of assisting you with disruptions caused by the coronavirus.”

For many students, the message comes as good news, but for others this is only a temporary fix.

Accounting major Aliyah Matthews said that, at best, additional funding may only cover two months’ rent.

“A small load would be off of my mind [but] I still have to think of the future,” said the 21-year-old. “ My whole life is put on pause.”


An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated the bill’s amount. Congress passed a $2 trillion bill, not a $150 trillion bill. The MSUSpokesman regrets the error.