Morgan community weighs in on streaming giant debate

Oyin Adedoyin, Staff Writer

Streaming has become a popular way that college students watch all of their favorite shows and listen to music.

Despite the access of cable, college junior and computer science major Joshua Olumase, does not use the service in his apartment. Olumase and his roommates solely rely on popular streaming services for entertainment.

The upcoming streaming service, Disney+ will release on November 12 against streaming giant, Netflix. But what Morgan students may not know is that Morgan has partnered with Philo, a streaming service that students can access for free under Morgan Wi-Fi.

“Morgan State actually offers a free streaming [service] called Philo which is included in your tuition,” said Joseph Queen, director of Network and Communications Services at MSU.

“You can only access the content on campus, but it does give you access to all of the major TV brands like HBO, ESPN, and it’s free.”

According to Queen, not many Morgan students are taking advantage of the free streaming services because they are unaware that it exists.

“Everybody has an app today because they realize that people are on the go, they’re mobile, everyone has two or three mobile devices,” Queen said. “The average person has three devices, I have five—two phones, a laptop, an iPad—and I use all of them all the time to stream different types of media.”

When asked about his favorite streaming service, Olumase chose Netflix.

“Netflix has their Netflix originals that are really good,” he said.

Queen does not think that consumers will choose Disney+ over Netflix, but he compared their strategy to the one Netflix used when it was competing with Blockbuster.

“When Netflix started it was $6.99 and Blockbuster came out at $10 a month…Netflix just continued to build their brand and they put Blockbuster out of business,” Queen said.

“Disney owns a lot of media content, they have the potential to hurt Netflix, but the branding associated with Netflix is very popular,” he added.

Branding is everything in a digital world but for Olumase, there is no competition.

“It could give some competition, but I feel like Netflix could still hold its ground.”