Domino’s Pizza delivery driver robbed on Morgan State University’s campus

Peggy Rooke, Staff Writer

A Domino’s Pizza delivery driver was robbed in front of the Blount Towers Residence Hall on Morgan State University’s campus on Saturday evening.

According to a university-wide alert, four suspects in a white sedan pulled in front of the delivery vehicle. One of the suspects produced a handgun and took the Domino’s sign from the top of the victim’s car.

Another suspect reportedly stated to the victim, “I hate white people.”

Lance Hatcher, Morgan police chief, confirmed that the victim was not a student, but a Domino’s delivery person.

The victim was able to flee the scene, and managed to get to Argonne Drive and make a left turn to get away.

When the victim approached Harford Road, the suspects fired several shots at the victim’s vehicle. The victim was not injured in the incident.

Hatcher said incidents like these happening on campus are “not very common,” and that it is still not entirely clear whether the incident can be classified as taking place on campus.

“From what we can determine it was actually in the street right outside of Rawlings driveway,” he added.

Aiyana Rosales-Thomas, a freshman living in Blount Towers, said an armed robbery right in front of her dorm is “scary,” even if she did not witness the incident in person.

“Usually when you hear about the robberies here, they are near Northwood, not right in front of your dorm,” said Thomas. “I get [food] delivered all the time, so how close could I have been to that?”