Morgan’s SGJC will gain new advancements

Penelope Blackwell, Editor-in-Chief

Morgan State University’s School of Global Journalism and Communication (SGJC) will equip its building with digital announcement boards and plans to finalize negotiations to launch a new Institute for Urban Journalism.

On Tuesday evening during his annual spring town hall address, President David Wilson, announced that “new and exciting advancements” would soon be coming out of the communication center.

“We will soon announce that we have received money from two foundations that will allow us to create an institute for urban journalism,” said DeWayne Wickham, dean of the SGJC.

Wickham declined to name the foundations that will offer the monetary funds, but said the institute will serve as a training camp for minorities to cover and report on urban environments.

The concept of this organization derives from the 1968 Kerner Commission initiative to investigate the causes of the 1967 race riots in the U.S.

The school not only plans to improve reporting opportunities, but also its in-house communication across the three departments: Multimedia Journalism, Strategic Communication and Multiplatform Production.

“We had some complaints [amongst] faculty members about not knowing about events that we have on campus and so I am setting up a task force to look at how we communicate with our faculty and staff,” said Wickham adding, “we are very close to installing display boards on every floor.”