Morgan State University plans to change cyber security measures

Iyanna Harris, Staff Writer

Morgan State University’s Department of Informational Technology (DIT) plans to implement a new password reset tool in March using a multi-factor authentication feature for login systems  associated with the university.

Morgan students will be given 30 days after the effective change in efforts to improve cyber security measures. Students will access to their login password within seconds.

“We wanted a tool that allowed folks to change their password on the go,” said Cynthia Mendoza-Robinson, deputy of CIO Operations.

Using this new feature, there is the choice of resetting your password with a one-time authorization code sent to your mobile device, a link sent to your personal email address, or by answering improved security questions.

With the current system, students must change their password every 180 days. In recent events, students who have tried to change their password found themselves locked out of their accounts.

“I previously tried to change my password and I got locked out of my account so I had to call [IT] so they can tell me my new password,” said freshman business administration major Morgan Barrett. “It was a major  inconvreceivereceiveience,” he added.

While many of the lockouts are resolved, Mendoza-Robinson recommended a permanent solution moving forward.

“This time unlike before, the [password] enrollment will be forced meaning everyone will have the ability to manage their account and set it up,” said Mendoza-Robinson.

According to Mendoza-Robinson, students will receive instructions about procedure changes via email after finalized receive with vendors.