Miss Morgan State University will be featured in Ebony Magazine

Jocelyn Davis, Staff Writer

The 74th Miss Morgan State University, Brittany Dorsey, ranked number seven out of the top 10 in the Ebony Campus Queen and King competition, making her the first queen in Morgan’s history that will be featured in Ebony Magazine.

Dorsey is a social work major from Willingboro New Jersey and has won the title for Miss Freshman, sophomore and junior for her class.

“I am very happy for the school…this is a world-renowned magazine, there’s no telling what doors this will open for our school,” according to Dorsey.

During her time as queen, Dorsey established the Freshman Women Induction Ceremony, a celebratory service for the incoming women to feel more welcomed to the university.

Dorsey’s reach does not just apply to college students, but Baltimore youth that are not old enough to attend college but are eager to come to Morgan.

The Little Miss and Mister Morgan contest, is program where selects elementary students through an application process and recognizes their involvement as student leaders within their respected institutions. In addition to the title, the students are also welcomed to attend Morgan events throughout the school year,.

Her latest project entitled, Diary of a Black Woman, is a conversation series where the woman of Morgan meet and discuss relevant topics and self identity affecting their experience.

Dorsey has worked to add The Freshman Women Induction Ceremony and The Little Miss and Mister program them to the university’s constitution in an effort for continuance once she graduates.

“The one thing I’d mostly want to be remembered by is my genuine impact on students, without my position and crown,” said Dorsey.

“I want people to feel like they learned something after talking to me or their perspective on something changed, just my general impact as a woman to others,” she added.

Upon graduation, Dorsey plans to attend law school and become a family court judge. She also wants to become an inspirational speaker.