Morgan students are not attending classes during harsh weather conditions

Jocelyn Davis, Staff Writer

On Friday morning, the Polar Vortex struck Morgan State University leaving the roads and sidewalks slippery and covered in snow, making the trip to class challenging.

The Polar Vortex, the devastating cold front adding extreme low temperatures and strong winds, has caused many school institutions throughout Maryland to implement two-hour delays and campus closings.

“It makes no sense to not cancel class considering people won’t show up anyway because of the weather… also its super cold,” said junior music major Taylor Jackson.

The snow started at 8 a.m. and most morning classes were short of attendance and students even mentioned Morgan’s Twitter account and asked for a delay or cancelation before taking actions into their own hands.

Imani Perkins, sophomore medical technology major said the fact she saw “no one salted the ground or the university canceled classes is crazy.”

“I skipped all my classes except for one because I had a quiz, and almost died multiple times on the way there” Perkins added.

“I could see the marks in the snow where people were slipping,” said Perkins.

She also explained that many of her sorority’s line sisters could not go to class because their cars were sliding on the road and they felt safer staying home.

This vortex has moved across the Midwest and Northeast region, but is coming to an end as temperatures are expected to rise tomorrow and for the rest of the week.