Gov. Larry Hogan wins projections over Democratic candidate Ben Jealous

Nearly 1.3 million Marylanders vote during gubernatorial campaign

Penelope Blackwell, Editor-in-Chief

Gov. Larry Hogan announced victory late Tuesday night, confidently claiming a win in his  gubernatorial race against democratic campaign opponent Ben Jealous, though the Maryland Board of Elections had not released officials results until all votes are counted.

According to The Maryland State Board of Elections, Baltimore City received 290 out of the 296 precincts reports, while 233 of 236 precincts only reported casted ballots in Baltimore County. Hogan’s victory will become official when all votes are counted.

Although Hogan greeted supporters during his political party, the Board of Elections delayed results until all voting was completed.

Hogan won a evenly contested race that produced serious challenges from an opponent many perceived as unlikely candidate to overcome a sitting governor. Hogan acknowledged that challenge during his speech and thanked Jealous for the competition, saying he helped provide citizens with a qualified alternative.

Still, both Democrats and Republicans sided with Hogan, who used his ability to cross party lines to appeal widely.

“Sometimes political party loyalty demands to much,” he said during his victory speech. “And to all those Democrats and Independents that crossed over and cast their votes for me, let me assure you I will continue to a be governor for all Marylanders.”

Hogan believed he won for second time as a republican candidate in 52-year span because, voters put aside “divisive partisan politics, voted for civility and common-sense leadership.”

Out of 1.3 million Marylanders that voted, he said [voters] wanted to keep changing Maryland for the better.

“Tonight, Maryland sent a loud and clear message to Washington that they will hear all across America.

Jealous offered his concession speech address and acknowleged that, “Gov. Hogan won the race fair and square.”

Hogan closed his address by “thanking all who worked so hard to accomplish this seemingly impossible mission and the opportunity to continue to serve.”