Daredevil season 3 review

Baldwin Williams, Staff Writer

Netflix released season 3 of its highly anticipated Marvel show Daredevil this past weekend which has already received positive reviews.

Before 2015 the name Daredevil was not as talked about compared to the likes of other Marvel properties such as the wall-crawling Spider-Man and the mutant team that is The X-Men. Especially after the character’s first appearance in 2003 starring Ben Affleck. 

However, in 2015 Charlie Cox, the actor who plays Matthew Murdock, dawned the role of The Devil in Hell’s Kitchen in the Netflix television series titled Daredevil. He portrays a character who is a blind attorney by day and vigilante by night within New York City. 

Along with Cox, the main cast comprises of Deborah Ann Woll, Murdock’s love interest Karen Page, Elden Henson, Murdock’s best friend and business partner Foggy Nelson, and Vincent D’ Onofrio as the formidable kingpin of crime Wilson Fisk, serving as the series’ antagonist. 

Throughout the first season of the show, Murdock was determined to uncover the conspiracy of a criminal underworld that is being led by Wilson Fisk. At the end of the season, Murdock in his alter ego Daredevil had beaten Fisk in a fierce brawl and came out victorious. 

But one characteristic of Wilson Fisk is that he is a very determined and driven individual. He was incarcerated, however, that did not mean that he gave up his business ventures. 

For the duration of the second season, Fisk had slowly gained his pieces to the puzzle for a tactful master plan. Although his appearance is not often seen, his presence still resonated throughout Hell’s Kitchen and the city as a whole. 

The beginning of the new season follows the aftermath of the Marvel Netflix show The Defenders, with Daredevil having a building being dropped on him. 

Daredevil’s friends Foggy Nelson and Karen Page had reason to believe that their friend had met his end. Murdock was taken in at a convent, where the nun has a connection to him deeper than he knows. Page and Nelson believe that if their friend was alive, that he’d contact them immediately. 

Now, a determined and hard-headed Murdock fully commits to his alter ego and ditches the red devil suit. Along with dropping his career as a lawyer in order to bring Fisk down for good. 

There are five vital perspectives that tie into the third season’s narrative. The prime perspectives being Matt Murdock, Wilson Fisk, Karen Page, Foggy Nelson, and two new characters for the season. 

FBI Special Agent Rahul “Ray” Nadeem played by Jay Ali and FBI Special Agent Benjamin Poindexter portrayed by William Bethel. Nadeem and Poindexter are very important characters when it comes to Fisk’s incarceration and master plan. 

All the characters within this season are now put in very dire situations all because of the master planner that is the kingpin of crime, Wilson Fisk. 

As a viewer of this series since 2015, I am happy to say that this season of Daredevil did not disappoint. After season two, I was concerned with how the third season will top the non-stop action and tension that is season two. 

I am satisfied with this season and I recommend it to anyone who has an interest in the crime genre, superheroes or to a person who just wants to watch a great narrative.