Construction at Spencer Hall will impact Morgan State University

The Chiller Replacement Project will cool water in some of the buildings’ located in the quad.

NaTavia Williams , Contributing Writer

Starting Oct.1 Morgan State University will begin its construction for the Chiller Replacement Project in Spencer Hall to replace the mechanical equipment, but the university expects the noise levels’ and commuting to minimally impact the community.

From now until the end of 2019, this state-funded operation will replace the 33-year-old equipment and increase the cooling of the water circulating throughout the area.

“I’m not even worried about the noise on the quad it’s about the noise of a normal truck,” Julie Wilson the Deputy Director of Facilities, Design, and Construction Management.

According to Wilson, the project will chill water in multiple academic buildings from the chiller plant including the Richard Dixon Science Research Center, the George F. McMechen and the McKeldin Center.

The prime-time of construction is 5-8 a.m., from Monday through Saturday, while the rest of the day will be filled with more quiet tasks.

In an effort to not disrupt learning, the university believes that “starting at 5 a.m. [will] reduce the overlap of time between construction and classes.”

Noise is one issue, but so is traffic.

“Parking in Lots E and ER will be limited” and eventually “pedestrian access will be impacted at a later date.”

The Morgan community can expect to add a few minutes to their travel time if they plan to navigate through the East side of the main campus.