Auntie Anne’s aims to reopen before homecoming


Jabray Franklin, Staff Writer

The Auntie Anne’s in the University’s Student Center is under construction and is expected to open the first week of October. 

Since the beginning of the semester, the space in the Student Center that houses the Auntie Anne’s has been closed. There is a huge semi-transparent construction sheet that covers the store.  

Students have wondered what’s going on behind the construction sheet or when will it reopen. 

Assistant Director of Recreation and Special Events, Lawrence Frazier, explained why the store has been closed since the semester began. 

“It’s being renovated…they’re changing the whole décor, new signs, floors and lots more.”  

Frazier went on to state that there is a renovation is carried out every five years just to keep everything up to date. 

The Student Center is one of the major hubs for student activities and leisure time. Some people are glad to hear that their favorite pretzel spot isn’t gone for good.  

Autumn Scott, junior construction management major is especially excited.  

“I get tired of vending machines and the typical snacks; the Auntie Anne’s was always good when I wanted something a little different, sweet or salty,” said Scott. 

Other students just enjoy the setting and appreciate the moments they spend around the vicinity with friends in between or after class.  

“Auntie Anne’s was always a place to meet up with my friends throughout my three years here at Morgan. If I needed to find someone quick I could always walk towards Auntie Anne’s and find at least one of my friends,” said Monica Jenkins, senior health administration major.  

Whether if you’re trying to get a pretzel or just finding some time to kill with your friends the Auntie Anne’s in the Student Center is considered a hotspot for a lot of Morganites.