Recap of the Student Organization Fun Fair


Grace Moon, Contributing Writer

The Office of Student Life and Development held its annual Student Organization Fun Fair Friday September 14, to showcase campus life to the Morgan community.

The weather didn’t stop the event from happening as representatives from different organizations eagerly welcomed students to their tables to inform them of who they are. The USC ballroom was full of tables with decorations, candy, and most importantly sign in sheets for those interested in a particular group. The room buzzed with conversation.

Of the over 100 student organizations, over 80% reserved a table at this event in efforts to boost membership as well as notoriety.

Supervised by the assistant coordinator of Student Life and Development, Danny Molock, and the student organization fun fair was underway. Such a successful event that it has been an annual occurrence for over a decade.

Mr. Molock described this event as one of the most of important aspects in a student’s life.

“A time for everybody to kind of fellowship and see what the campus offers in terms of student organizations,” said Molock.

Here is where you can find all 116 organizations.