SGA reveals winners of freshman elections


Brianna Taylor, Contributing Writer

The R.E.A.L. administration of the student government association held a reveal for freshman elections Tuesday in the bear cave lounge of the student center. 

The reveal was nothing less than a success, as students and faculty members flooded the Bear Cave filled with anticipation for the announcements.  

The winners of the freshman positions are listed below: 

President: Kobe Hughes  

Vice President: Louis Hall 

Miss Freshman: Tayla Hall 

Mister Freshman: Camaren Clarke 

Secretary: Jasmyn Caffey 

Treasurer: Tracy Hollingsworth 

Senator(s): Jada PraterJustyn WardNeiko WigginsManuel Luis 

Senior class president, Emani Majors, opened the program by welcoming students and reintroducing the candidates. Most of the winners were filled with excitement about their success as Majors made the announcements.

“Thank you to everyone who voted for me and thank you to the ones that supported my campaign. I’m very excited to represent the class of 2022. I can’t wait to tell my mother and daughter the great news,” said Mister Freshman, Camaren Clarke.  

Newly elected senator, Jada Prater, was also eager to speak about entering her new endeavor.

“I’m ready to make change. My first order of business is to instill more school spirit into the freshman class. It’s important that I uphold the legacy of Morgan by holding the core values close to my heart,” said Prater. 

Miss Freshman, Tayla Hall, was all smiles when asked about her big win.  

“This win is so exciting. As Miss Freshman, I’m going to work hard to maintain the class’s unity. We are all graduating together in 2022,” said Hall.  

Later that evening Hall expressed her gratitude via Twitter, “Thank you to everyone who supported me through this time. Great job to all the other candidates, I promise God has greater plans for you all. I love you all so much, this is just the beginning.”