Pipe Bursts in New Jenkins Building


Akira Kyles

This afternoon a two-inch shield water pipeline busted in the hallway on the north side of the Behavioral and Social Sciences Center building.

The building which houses the College of Liberal Arts located on the west end of Morgan State University’s campus, resulted in a flood after a coupling break forcing water to cascade down three flights of stairs.

Barton Malow, the outside contracting company responsible for the construction of the building, were the first people to respond, according to Julie Wilson, the deputy director of design and construction for Morgan.

“[Barton Malow] are doing great job cleaning up and helping us manage the situation,” said Wilson.

Although Barton Malow was the first to react to the wet environment, it was M’bare Ngom, the dean of the College of Liberal Arts, who gave the order for the building to shut down and be closed for the remainder of the day.

“We know that side of the building will not be operational tomorrow, but the crew is already here working to clean up,” said Ngom. “They are working to increase the flow of air so that the carpets and floor will get dry, so that we will not get mold.”

“The building is still under warranty because we have been in here less than a year,” said Ngom.

According to Ngom, the university will not have to pay for any damages due to the building’s year-long warranty permitting Morgan to offset any trouble-shooting costs.

“They will have the pipe fixed within the hour, but now the problem is getting the building cleaned up and dry, with all the materials to be replaced,” said Wilson. “But, it will not cost the university a penny,” she added.