Review of Avengers: Infinity War

Janelle Ferguson, Arts and Entertainment Editor

As predicted, every Marvel character and their mother was going to be thrown in the well-anticipated Avengers: Infinity War and by no means did it feel overstuffed. Characters from all over are getting a taste of this action. You can expect: the Guardians of the Galaxy squad, the Avengers, Wakandians and more.

With the help of this colossal crossover, it is no surprised that creatives are able to produce breathtaking visuals and engaging fighting scenes. There is handful amounts of diversity amongst species and combat styles that are collaborated in Avengers: Infinity War and the intensity forces you to wait at the edge of your seat.

The fantastic thing about Avengers: Infinity War is that messy dialogue is nonexistent and chaos that arises is simpler than expected, especially with such an oversized cast. Everyone and every world had their own appropriate amount of spotlight. Enjoyable character introductions amongst each other is enjoyable and different personalities with the occasional witty humor finds a way to coexist with each other; propelling to new long-term alliances. Old teammates for an unnamed group would be reunited as well.

Every character had a collaborative motive to defeat main villain, Thanos, an eternal-deviant hybrid from the planet Titan. He is the “father” of Gamora and throughout the movie is on a journey to find the six infinity stones. Gradually finding out that claiming them isn’t actual sunshine and unicorns. Sacrifices need to be made if ultimate power comes into play.

Besides saving the entire human and alien race, most characters do have an underlying motive that drives them into a unheroic bloodlust. Unlike, the past Marvel films, Avengers: Infinity War is portrayed as darker and edgier. Losses are witnessed and character development between both good and bad are experienced. That’s a main reason why Thanos is considered a good villain. Yes, his motives are one note but he necessarily isn’t wiping planets out just for giggles. Thanos genuinely believes in his cause and has reasoning to support every action he pursues.

There is even a compelling scene where he is seen to be capable of mourning even though he may have brought it on himself. For Thanos being big and scary looking, he is very much humanized; every facial expression that is expressed by CGI reflects that.

For a two and half hour movie, there is a lot to be discussed in Avengers: Infinity War. As addressed, the Marvel Universe has surprised everyone by its edgy/dark tone and almost gives audiences a sense of hopelessness. Based on the ending, this movie is foreseeable having someone cry themselves to sleep at night and if you regularly watch Game of Thrones, you will understand why this reference is comparable.

However, for comic book fans and the golden eggs placed in the film, it is obviously that this isn’t the end of our heroes. Overall, Avengers: Infinity War was outstanding and re-watchable. It won’t be as controversial and revolutionary as Black Panther but it will guarantee have legs for the remainder of the month.

It has been confirmed that the Marvel Universe will release an Avengers: Infinity War — Part 2. The Marvel Universe plans to release it on May 3, 2019.