The Misses and Misters of Morgan State University

Dominique Hunter, Campus News Editor

As the new elected candidates for Miss and Mister of the University await their fall coronation, the coordinator for student life & development explains the importance of these titles at Morgan State University.

According to Natasha Lewis-Williams, coordinator of student activities, the Mister and Miss Morgan positions serve as the primary ambassador for the university. As an ambassador, Mister and Miss Morgan must represent the university in a positive manner, whenever in public, on or off the campus.

Both positions are responsible for representing not only the university and its students but also the community and alumni. Their engagement with the community, alumni, students and university through numerous events help keep an interactive foundation for the campus.

Mister and Miss Morgan must attend major university events such as convocations, homecoming, I love Morgan Week, open house, freshman week, access orientation and parent and family day, etc.

“Interacting is a very important part of being Mister and Miss Morgan,” said Williams. “Their participation in Women and Men Empowerment Month are also important but there just not limited to this.”

Outside events include the National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame Pageant for Miss Morgan and National Mister Historically Black College & University Pageant.

Their purpose in the community is to conduct monthly community service projects in September, October, November, January, February and March.

Mister and Miss Morgan have numerous other responsibilities, but their involvement and positive leadership is the primary duty.

Additionally, their leadership isn’t limited to the classification as being “the face of the university.”

“That is what people have said over the years ‘you’re the face, you’re the face,’ while that maybe be somewhat true, but they are more than that. They are ambassadors promoting etiquette in men and women, positive leadership and perceptions of the university,” said Williams.

Edwin T. Johnson, assistant archivist, Morgan alumnus and the fourth Mister Morgan, recalled what the positions meant to him during his reign in 1991-1992.

“Mister Morgan was the opportunity to represent the university beyond the four walls. Were we agents to bring change,” said Johnson. “Miss Morgan was about being intellectual, being sharp, not prima donnas, they were scholars and athletes not just a pretty face.”

There are also positions of Miss and Mister for each classification

The current Mister Morgan State University, Kendall Joyner, has served as Mister Sophomore and Mister Junior before reaching his current position.

“To be in a Mr. or a Ms. position is to represent the student body to the best of your ability. We go to student leadership conferences to represent Morgan. We also show the best of what Morgan has to offer to the people that are interested in coming here, “said Joyner. “I also started a program called the Little Big Brother program at my old school and also held a giveaway for the students and had student representatives talk to the student about the importance of going to college.”

The current Miss Junior Brittany Dorsey has been a Miss for her freshman, sophomore and now junior class. In the most recent election, she was voted to be the next Miss Morgan.

“Under my platform from freshman year to now, I have sponsored a young lady to go to prom, who then became a Morgan State University student. I have collected clothes and personal items for mudslide victims in Sierra Leone,” said Dorsey. “You are not a king or queen because a title says so. kingdom and queendom is a lifestyle. I believe its commendable when a person takes a step on a platform to inspire and lead the people they are in contact with.”

From being a Mister and Miss here at Morgan, it has been evidently displayed that individuals with such a platform, have to reflect the positivity and opportunities Morgan has to offer to students and the Baltimore community.