Morgan State’s Police Department arrest one suspect in Peeping Tom incidents

Dominique Hunter

After news broke on Morgan State University’s campus of two incidents involving Peeping Toms, the suspect in the first reported incident at Holmes Hall has been arrested.

The suspect’s name and personal information remain withheld by MSU Police Department (MSUPD).

MSUPD said that a male suspect attempted to take photos of a female student as she used the bathroom by sliding a cell phone under the stall door.

There is a report of a second and separate incident in the Behavioral Social Science Complex (New Jenkins Hall), in which the person of interest attempted to film a female student as she used the bathroom, too.

This person of interest in the second Peeping Tom incident has yet to be identified, but photos of the person of interest have been made available.

According to Chief of Police, Lance Hatcher, these incidents are not related, and the suspects are not MSU students.

MSUPD are actively investigating these incidents and encouraged the student body to contact 44-885-3103, if additional information emerged.


Second person of interest in Peeping Tom incident