Peeping Tom Puts Campus on High Alert

Akira Kyles

The Morgan State University Police Department are on high alert for a peeping Tom that has been sneaking pictures of women in bathrooms on campus.

Two police reports have been filed with MSUPD, one two different days, in two different buildings.

On Tuesday, it was reported, “that a male suspect attempted to take pictures of a female while she was using the bathroom by putting a cell phone under the stall door” in Holmes Hall, within a statement released by MSUPD.

“Once the suspect was verbally engaged by the individual, he fled the scene,” according to the statement.

A second report was filed with MSUPD on Wednesday.

“A male suspect for the second time in two days was found to be in a female bathroom on campus. The suspect fled the bathroom once he was detected by woman that was in the bathroom. The latest incident took place in the Behavioral Social Science Complex (New Jenkins),” said MSUPD through a campus safety alert.

Both of the safety alerts also described the suspect as a black male, mid-20s, medium complexion, between about 5 feet 6 inches and 5 feet 8 inches tall and 160 pounds.

“MSUPD are actively investigating these incidents. Security and police officers are increasing patrols in all campus building,” said MSUPD through a campus safety alert.

The email also suggested “that when using the bathrooms on campus you pay particular attention to your surroundings and if possible use the buddy system.”

After the second incident, university administration addressed the incidents and advised safety precautions but also released pictures of a person of interest for students to be on the lookout.