VP of Student Affairs at Morgan speaks about Campus Security

Dominique Hunter

On Tuesday, April 3, Morgan State University released an email stating that a weapon was discharged at Morgan View, the off-campus student housing in building 1540.

Morgan’s Police Department announced that no victim or perpetrator was found, however, the University stated that they wanted to explore the possibility of placing metal detectors in all resident halls as a security measure.

Dr. Kevin Banks, vice president of student affairs, stated that the idea is not set in stone for the time being but the University is conducting research on the idea and considering if other universities have placed metal detectors in their resident halls.

“There are a lot of questions to be asked and there is a possibility that this might violate a student’s constitutional rights,” said Banks.

He also stated that Morgan View security is hired and under the responsibility of the American Campus Communities.

During this time, American Campus Communities were contacted but declined to respond.

Furthermore, Morgan’s Police Department oversees the hiring of on-campus security.

“If it were up to me, I would march just up to Congress so that there could be tighter gun control policies. Also, I would make sure the entire campus is gated,” said Banks.

The University will soon propose an idea on what to do to secure the back gate of Morgan View apartments. The plan is to make sure it is inaccessible for nonresidents.

Banks is eager to propose something soon in regards to the placement of metal detectors and wants Morgan to represent a better future.

“I want to see every student who enters Morgan State University being able to graduate,” said Banks.