Security Leaves Students Feeling Unsecured

Akira Kyles

Morgan State University officials decided to provide more security for student’s safety, following reports of a shooting at an off-campus student housing facility April 2, but many students don’t believe their presence will help.

Around 9:30 p.m., university and city police were called to Morgan View Apartments to investigate a reported shooting inside one of the buildings. The police searched the area and local hospitals for victims of the shooting, but no suspects or victims were found, just footage of three men deemed as “points of interest.”

“I was shaken, because when I heard three shots I was in denial. I realized it was serious when my friend from Marble Hall called me and said they were shooting in my building. I was scared because security isn’t good at all. Anybody can come in through the back entrance,” Myeesa Ross stated.

School officials have placed more security around the apartments and proposed the idea of metal detectors, but residents and local friends still don’t believe the newly placed security will make a difference.

“The security doesn’t seem different to me. I don’t even go here, and I can just walk in. People can ride the shuttle here and walk in. There still is nobody at the front desk checking people in,” Dereck Saunders a local friend of a resident added.

“I feel like the school will take security serious for a week then after that it will go back to how it was. It wouldn’t be consistent. Before the shooting security was too relaxed,” said India Fair, junior business management major.

With the rise of school shootings across the country, Morgan State must find a way to give students the belief that the school will be able to keep them safe.

“This won’t last long security will only be tight for a couple more weeks, but what about after that?” said Ross

Ty’rique Sims, assistant sports editor, and Faith Seawell, contributing writer also contributed to the reporting for this article.