SGA Positions are Set for Next Academic Year

Dominique Hunter, Campus News Editor

After weeks of campaigning, new elects for the Student Government Association at Morgan State University were announced Friday.

The new administration for the SGA will be run by Kenold Pierce, as president, and Bria Hill, as vice president.

Miss Morgan elect, Brittany Dorsey, won the election after taking a large lead in the overall total score from her other running mates, Carolyn “CeCe” Felton and Morgan James.

In a close race for the Mister Morgan title, the elected position was awarded to Tyrell Caine. While his runner up Oladipo Adeuyan lost only with a 30.25-point difference in his overall total score and Khalil Scott lost the race to Caine with approximately an 180-point difference in his overall total score.

However, in an unexpected occurrence Wednesday morning, a member of the School of Global Journalism and Communication staff decided to endorse one of the Mister Morgan candidates in an email blast.

Zachary Rogers, academic career and advising coordinator, sent out a mass email to SCJC students announcing the opening of the SGA poll. Along with the announcement Rogers, also advocated for students to vote for Caine, with a promotion video attached.

Rogers sent a retraction email about four hours later, including a disclaimer stating that Rogers and SCJC weren’t endorsing candidates during this election process for Mister or Miss Morgan.

During this time, neither Rogers, Adeuyan or Caine have responded after multiple attempts to reach them for comment.

According to Natasha Lewis-Williams, coordinator of student activities, there is no policy against faculty members endorsing students for leadership positions.

“We shocked as well, the election board was shocked as well, that has never happened before… when things happen like this it helpful because that is something we must put in writing and send out to faculty and staff,” “You can support them but not in that way,” said Williams.

The close poll results between Oladipo Adeuyan, the Mister Morgan runner up and Caine, have not led to a reelection process.

“At this time there is no reelections, nothing has come through my election commissioner’s desk and that’s get approved by me… we’ve never had that happened and in the SGA laws we don’t have recall elections,” said Marcus Bennett, 2017-2018 SGA president

For the junior class, Keyon-Daniel Grayson and Brandon Holmes won for president and vice president. For the sophomore class, Danielle Fernandez and Darius Whitmire won for president and vice president. The Miss and Mister Junior titles went to Erica Knox and Samuel Aribilola. The Miss and Mister Sophomore titles went to Nia Lewis and Khyri Gambrill.

The selected candidates for numerous positions will serve during the 2018-2019 academic year.