Shots Fired at Morgan View Apartments

Dominique Hunter, Campus News Editor

Baltimore City Police held a media briefing Tuesday with updates about the shooting that occurred at an off-campus housing development at Morgan State University.

City police along with Morgan police received a call at approximately 9:30 p.m. Monday regarding a possible shooting within the Morgan View Apartments.

T.J. Smith, a city police spokesman, said this incident wasn’t an active shooter or mass shooting situation but the shooting was among known individuals.

During the investigation, no victims from the shooting were found but surveillance led investigators to confirm there was a shooting with no evidence of anyone being struck by gun fire.

The surveillance video displays two men leaving the elevator. One of the men was wearing an Adidas sweatshirt with  the other wearing a sweatshirt with strings.

The other person of interest was wearing an unidentified garment.

“This look likes Helly Hansen with two h’s on it but I don’t want to definitively say this,” said Smith.

Additionally, local and regional hospitals have been searched in order to identify someone with a unexplainable gunshot wound.

Individuals that have any information are encouraged to contact city police at 410-396-2221. They may also contact Morgan police department or use the Metro Crime Stoppers application.