Lady Bears Softball: A profile on Danielle Pitpit

Lady Bears Softball: A profile on Danielle Pitpit

Dominique Hunter

Danielle Pitpit is a physical education, recreation and parks major who has goals not only as an athlete, but someone wanting to help those in need.

The second baseman for Morgan State University softball team takes pride in performing well on the field and in the classroom.

“I want to be a recreational director for the special olympics or work with Wounded Warriors,” Pitpit said. “Overall I just want to be able to get involved with events that involve people wanting to better themselves through sports.”

Pitpit is the vice president of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) at Morgan. SAAC organizes events and promote each athletic team by having raffles, fundraisers and charity work.

SAAC is now working with Leveling the Playing Field, a non-profit organization in Maryland, by donating their old gear from all sports. In addition, SAAC week is April 16 to April 20, 2018.

Pitpit was born into softball in Sylmar, California as her hometown is known for softball because it was always around. Her inspiration comes from her family knowing they will be proud her accomplishments once she graduates.

“I’m counting down the days to be home with them again cause it’s hard being away,” she said. “Being so far away takes a toll sometimes in not being there with them, but knowing in the long run they are going to be happy with my degree means a lot.”

She is excelling in all her classes as she has A’s in all the courses she is in. The senior believes knowing how to manage her time, looking for help from resources and taking her academics seriously helps her maintain her good grades.

“People tend to think student-athletes are just jocks that don’t come to class,” Pitpit said. “I know my team takes it very seriously. We are the top academic team for women on this campus and we take great joy from it and pride ourselves on it.

Pitpit emphasized that it is important that the team stays on top of their personal goals and seeing where they could take them and not to let down. In addition, she believes the softball team has a great bond and they all want to win a championship, help each other with schoolwork, and their personal goals. When she’s stressed with school her teammates are always there for her Pitpit said.

“I talk to my teammates. Mostly my roommate Dam and even Steph we’ve grown pretty close and they hear most of it,” Pitpit said. “My teammates are always there for me.”