Morgan State University backs new high school applicants in Walk-Out protest

Dominique Hunter

Morgan State University will not hold future high school applicants liable for participating in the recent walk-out protest on gun violence.

On March 14th, students decided to take a physical stand against gun violence by leaving their schools across the United States. This walk-out protest was to honor students that had been brutally killed during school shootings recently. This walk-out brought awareness to the controversial gun control laws in this country. More than 2,500 different schools participated in this protest.

Although students are performing their right to protest many schools believed that students must be punished for walking out during scheduled school hours.

Schools in Howard County, Maryland and many others, have decided that if any student walks out of class and participates in the protest they may receive suspension, unexcused absence and or have grades docked based on their individual circumstances.

Suspension can stay permanently on a student’s academic record and cause significant damage for future college students.

However, Morgan has decided to choose another route when it comes to their newly applicants and their participation in this walk-out protest.

“When students apply to Morgan State University, there is a section where the applicant must explain any significant suspension or expulsion. Based on their explanation and our records we will determine if the applicant is an acceptable applicant for Morgan,” said Angela Brown, a representative from the office of the registrar at Morgan.

“When it applies to the walk-out protest that has taken place recently, students probably won’t have to worry about that issue as one that keeps them from attending Morgan State University.”